Legal: Do not make any decision based on this application. I'm not responsible for the harm which is caused by these application as I'm not reliable for those

Welcome to the site where I store the cracked Eversense app.
Under the EU site, you can find the Eversense CGM application, which is specifically released for European customers
Under the US site, you'll find the Eversense application, which is released for American customers

EU version

For the 7.1.1 EU application, you can just download the full APK and install it
To install the 7.1.2 EU version, you'll need to download the base-aligned712eu.apk, split_config.xxhdpi712eu.apk and the split_config.[language]712eu.apk file and either install it with
To install the 7.1.3 EU version, you'll need to download the base-aligned713eu.apk, split_config.xxhdpi713eu.apk and the split_config.[language]713eu.apk file and either install it with
Or with ADB by doing: adb install-multiple base-aligned[version]eu.apk split_config.xxhdpi[version]eu.apk split_config.[language][version]eu.apk

US version

Installing the 7.1.2 US version is the same as installing the 7.1.1 EU version
Installing the 7.1.3 US version is similar as installing the 7.1.2 EU version, either you'll use
Or with ADB by doing: adb install-multiple base-aligned713us.apk split_config.xxhdpi713us.apk split_config.[language]713us.apk

SAI installation method

Download the APKs to your phone
Open SAI
Tap "Install APKs"
Select "Internal file picker"
Select the 3 APKs
Tap on "Select (3)"
Tap on "Install"

ADB installation method

Download and install ADB driver on your computer
Download the APKs to your computer
Open a terminal where you have the APK files
In the terminal type
adb install-multiple base-aligned[versionlocalization].apk split_config.xxhdpi[versionlocalization].apk split_config.[language][versionlocalization].apk

Contact: Search for n0rb33r7 on Discord